Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More waiting.

We had a very mellow day yesterday, starting before the sun came up. Ellie and had a good time watching the sunrise
and doing some arts and crafts.
We now have a very "Fancy" room thanks to Ellie's new art and her gramma's special presents.
This is Ellie's favorite way to watch TV.
Her grandpa and gramma came for a visit and a tea party. It was a very uneventful day. We had a few run ins with cocky residents but then we talked to Dr. Jennings and made a plan. We have a scoping appointment tomorrow at 11am. They will take a look and see what they can see, test for bacterial overgrowth, and if possible use the balloon to widen any narrow spots. Even though the enema showed us nothing we all still believe that there is something wrong.

So today we just do some more waiting. A few more laps of our floor, the 2nd, 1st and basement floors, and trips to the garden all Ellie's big wheel. She is happy and doing well.

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Anonymous said...

She is amazing and delightful! I miss you guys and am thinking about you. See you soon.