Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Abby's glimpse of the next stage

Yesterday morning as Ellie and I lay in bed together I talked the nurses into letting Ellie get her milk by bottle. When the head nurse came back and said that the doctors had approved it, I was ecstatic. I headed down to get breakfast and while waiting for the elevator I couldn’t hold it in any more. As the lady next to me said good morning I replied with, “My daughter is going to drink out of a bottle this morning!” Now anywhere else that would be considered an odd reply, but not at Children’s.

Everyone around me gave a small cheer.

Yesterday was a big day in many ways. The three of us went to playroom on our floor for parent coffee hour. Ellie got tummy time while Gib and I realized how lucky Ellie is yet again for the simplicity or her problem.

Right after coffee hour Ellie’s nurse ran a test to see if Ellie was able to maintain her own blood sugar by taking her off of her TPN for an hour. What that meant is that we got to walk around the hospital for half of that time with a baby with no IV stand. With Ellie all bundled up she looks just like any other normal baby and I didn’t have to worry about how fast I was walking or if the pole would tip as I got into the elevator. It was great, and gave me a glimpse of how good life will be when she is off the TPN either for short periods or for good.

I spent the night with Ellie Monday night and had a much quieter night.

And this is the scene that I saw as I arrived in the room.

I guess you now know how Gib has all that time to write in the Blog.


Martha Brogan said...

This has been such good news to read that Ellie is doing well with bottles.The things that we used to take for granted like giving a baby a bottle! This was a real milestone. She looks completely settled in Gib's lap as he computes. Jack and I will see you in the morning.

Frank and Suellen said...

Yea - A Wonderful First!
Today is definitely one for the baby book!

Way to go Ellie.

Frank and Suellen

Becky said...

Abby!! Write more!!!! but quit making me cry every dang time!!! (Gib, you're guilty of making me cry all the time too).

I'm VERY excited to hear about the bottle!! It sounds like she's makin' some more strong steps!! Strong?? who??? the product of Abby and Gib??? Who'd have ever thought?