Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yesterday was my due date

Hello it is Abby, it has been a solid month now and I figure it is about time I made a contribution to Ellie's blog. I have also gotten used to this new "normal" so much so that I feel that I can share with everyone. I don't know how Gib does it, from day one he has been stronger then I have in the fact that he was able to verbalize everything that we have been going through and then type it on to this blog, not caring who reads it. And now it is my turn. I think by reading this you can see that Gib is the more lyrical one of the two of us. And please feel free to correct my grammar, just give me a call here in the hospital one of the days that I have been here for over 24 hours and tell me what you think.

I feel like Gib's last entry was very dark, it is true these are things that we have been contemplating. But, we have also been thinking about how lucky Ellie is. We have met some very strong parents here at Children’s. Parents that have been here for 7 months and still have a few to go. Parents whose child has a short gut, heart and spinal issues. Ellie so far only has the short gut as her only issue. We have had everything else looked at many different ways and still they say she looks great. She is tough and both Gib and I have great guts and hopefully she inherited at least that from us.

We are just playing the waiting game now, our surgeon is leaving for two weeks on Friday to go to some conferences so we know that we have these next two weeks to offer Ellie food again and to sit and admire how cute she is. Offering food is always a bit stressful because you can't help but get excited that maybe this time she will keep it down. Then it can be really depressing the first time she pukes. My thoughts always get a bit dark when this happens but I try to remember that this is just a bump in a very long road.

She has a long way to go so if tomorrow’s food comes back up then we will just try again the next week. I just need to remember not to make puke so important.


Becky said...

hey abby,

I'm just so proud of you. You are an amazing woman and I'm really, truly, so very proud to know you. Hang in there with your sweet angel.

love you -

Martha Brogan said...

Let's not compare who is the stronger. I was there when the Yale transport team arrived in Westerly, when you were in the hospital at Yale and I've been with you at Children's. Gib is my Nooka and I love him, he's strong and has his father's gift with words but you win the prize for strength, no question about it. I think about the past month. Both of you are truly amazing but you are one tough lady.
I hope that you'll continue to write on Ellie's blog.You do a great job and add another perspective.

Dawn said...

You guys are two of the most amazing people I know. I think of you everyday, and continually pray for Ellie. Cant wait to come visit you soon. Sending all of my love.


Emily Phillips said...

Hi Abby & Gib,

I am very excited to come out there and see Ellie and to visit with you guys. I am also looking forward to spending time with Abby in the hospital and watching Ellie. She is so adorable. Do you have anymore pink bracelets available? See you soon. Emily

Martha Brogan said...

I have 40 TEAM ELLIE bracelets.

Again, my email is if you want one.

lizhoexter said...

Gib - I am one of your distant "NY cousins" - my grandfather Nathan (aka "Buss") was brothers with your grandfather Gib. My mother Sue is 1st cousins with Martha, so that makes us 2nd cousins(?). Anyway, we all want you & abby to know that even though you haven't seen us in years (or in abby's case never met us), you are all in our thoughts & prayers. ellie is adorable (i've read your blog twice) & looks like a true fighter. she may just surprise you with her perseverence & strength! we cannot pretend to imagine how difficult this is for you all on that end, but know that we are thinking of you & saying a prayer that the rest of your journey with your gorgeous daughter is all uphill (however slow & steady that may be) and that one day ellie is happy & healthy, & back in your home for good. -liz & ken hoexter (westchester county, ny) (

Anonymous said...

Dear Abby,
There are a lot of stellar moms in my family who love their kids in amazing ways on a daily basis. I knew when I met you that you would be one of these moms. I'm so glad my delightful niece has you (co) heading her team.

Barbara Krause said...

People are strong in so many different ways. The three of you together are an amazing team. It is great to hear from you, Abby. I hope you'll continue to add your voice as you're up to it.

Honestly, I have to say, I think there is an "abnormal clustering" of strong people writing on this blog. I think that's a statistical term, isn't it?

Karen Petterson said...

Great to hear from you Abigail. I love any way I can connect with you.

Marge said...

what an amazing journey the three of you are taking.Your daughter is just as strong as the two of you and is lucky to have you as her parents. I pray for the three of you every day. Aunt Marge

Marge said...
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Becky said...


love you!