Saturday, May 06, 2006

Pipes are clear from the top and the bottom

The doctors have told us that as far as they can see with the barium studies, Ellie's intestines do not have a blockage in them, which is good news. The barium passed from her lower half to her intestines well on Tuesday and then from her stomach to her large intestine quite freely yesterday.

The next step is most likely to try her on 'feeds' again in the near future to see how her repaired intestine is progressing and to continue to try and teach it to play with rest of the kids.

An interesting side note: the nurses told me that when Eleanor started her Omegaven fish oil fat supply that we may get a 'fishy odor' from her stomach as a result. Well it may smell like fish to the untrained nurse's nose, but to this kid who has dissected hundreds of them, her breath smells just like squid ink, fresh from the squid. I keep thinking of the tattoo that I would give myself in Florida after teaching a squid dissection. 'Mom' or 'Mother', just to make the kids squirm.

Abby hasn't been in to smell it yet, but I hope she can handle the stink. Abby is a bit sensitive to smells like this. But if it means ellie can stay on TPN for a wile longer, I think Abby can learn to live with Ellie breath smelling like poop. Wait, she already did learn that one with the dog.

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