Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A New Plan for the coming weeks

Ellie isn't going anywhere any time soon. That is very clear to us now that her treatment has stalled for a bit following last week's attempts at feeding her. She is still recovering from those attempts and will most likely get another shot at food this weekend or next week. It is amazing how te first few weeks seemed to last months, but the opposite is true now. Days tick by very quickly now and just like that it will be a full month this coming Sunday.

Abby is out on maternity leave until August. That was planned from the git go.

I had some fuzzier plans when we thought that Eleanor would be coming home like most other babies. Ihad initially planed to take two weeks to get Abby and Ellie setlled and then go back to work. My how things change. Fortunately my employer has been great about this.

After we knew something about her condition and the prognosis for her care I got approval from my bosses to take a full month to begin with. That will be over this coming Monday.

This morning I asked them for another two weeks leave followed by a period of reduced time that will allow me to work while taking care of things here at Children's. With a stack of sick time in the bank, it will be a while at this reduced time before I have to take unpaid time away.

Hopefully our girl will be on the mend by then and we can avoid that.

I am very fortunate that i have a job that requires me to work from a home office. The great thing about this is that as long as I have an internet connection and a cell phone signal, your home is as good as my home. Believe it or not working from a base near Boston will be easier than Connecticut and reduce the time that I drive to meetings by a lot.

I hope to hear from my bosses soon about this plan. Ellie comes first but taking care of other things has to get done, too.

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