Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Sun's Gonna Shine in in my Backdoor Someday

The sun is finally shining in Boston today after a week of serious rain that has flooded the state with ridiculous amounts of water and what is quickly turning into the Boston news version of Katrina. I just heard the words 'heartbreaking devastation' from a reporter. Oh wait, that is Fox, not the real news.

Eleanor had an uneventful night last night. I gave her bottle at 9. My first. I had to ask for instructions from the nurse, who laughed at me and showed me the tricks of giving a tiny, tiny bottle to the girl so she doesn't suck in a whole lot of gas but gets every drop of milk that was measured out for her.

By 10:30 she was quiet and we both went to sleep as soon as the Red Sox finished off the Orioles and I got an update on the Yankee score (If your team (the Rangers, for example) is up 9 runs after 2 innings and lose 14-13, you should feel great great shame).

Is this how my night will be?

Nah. Abby called at 10:50 and woke Ellie and I up. Damn.

A fresh diaper and a good burp and Ellie was asleep by 11:30.

At 1:45 she gagged loud enough to wake me up. As I went back to bed 10 minutes later, the wreckage of my bedding that was trewn across the floor made me realize how quickly I can go from alseep to vertical and over Ellie's crib.

It reminded me of a time in Florida when we sailed a friends's boat through the night. In the middle of the might as abby and I slept, the boat shifted and the boom swung across the oat, making a great loud bang. Abby and I still discuss how quickly we went from alseep to standing in our raingear. Watching Ellie at night is similar to that.

One good gag will get me upright in a flash.

Interestingly, Abby and I have learned to filter out the other noises in the hospital and won't stir for a buzzer in the hall, an alarm on the kid in the next bed, or even a gurgle or cry from the next bed. We have learned to tell home team noises from the away team noises and even in my sleep I can tell the difference.

Her 3 AM bottle (I don't know who chose 9 and 3 as the hours for feeds, but I would have voted for better hours) was bit slow, but as fas as I can tell, it stayed down for the night. Eleanor's collar was wet this AM. I think that it is drool from her new mouth that is finally getting to do it's thing.

Then we both slept. an uninterrupted 3 hours from 3 to 6.

Now it is morning and time to do it all over again.

So we move on today with more food. I spoke with a member of Ellie's team today (medical team, not the pink bracelet brigade) and she thinks that we may up the food amount today.

Fine with me to up the level or stay here for another day. I'm sure Abby will have something to say about this.

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kate said...

What great news. It feels like a big first step. Bring on the bottles!