Monday, May 22, 2006

Some photos from our weekend fun

Even though Monday sort of sucked, we had a great weekend with Ellie.

We loaded up her strolller for a walk:

On Sunday, we put Ellie in her carrier for the first time (with Mary Janes on, of course) and went to the garden for a walk, and found FREE Ms. PAC MAN!!! Ellie's game is still developing but as you might expect, Abby is a whiz at it.

Then we went to the playroom for some time on the floor, protected, of course, by a fancy homemade quilt:


Anonymous said...

I had the best snuggle yet from Ellie on Sunday. She grabbed my sweater with one hand, my finger with the other and nestled in for almost an hour. Look at the pictures of her a month ago, and then at the most recent (spectacular!) pictures. She's so different!

Anonymous said...
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