Sunday, May 14, 2006

A nice Mother's day present

We had another dookie last night, hopefully the proceeds of the short feeding that Ellie had on Thursday of this week. After I left last night the girl gave a good grunt, scrunched up her face and let one rip. Abby says that it was the smell that gave it away.

Makes me proud.

This is sme good news from the plumbing and we hope that she can build on this. Abby and I think that moving even more slowly that we have been moving on her feeds may be the trick so that she gets food, but doesn't get overloaded with it and get sick. we will talk with the doctors tomorrow and see what they think about this plan.

In the meantime it is Mother's Day in the children's Hospital. I keep thining about John Prine's song about Christmas in Prison. we are a long way from that, the key is on flowers being small since the room is little and we don't have a lot of space, but I managed to find some nice little flowers.

Abby has Ellie asleep on her chest and they are napping. A great way to spend a rainy nasty Mother's Day.

Hopefully Eleanor is dreaming about poop.


Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

Amanda said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Martha Brogan said...

Happy Mother's Day! I was happy to hear about the poop and the great blood test. That girl is a gonna' do things in her own sweet time. She may have been born in RI but she's a "Maina".

Jess said...

Happy Mother's Day Abby!! Judging from the picture, it looks like you had a great day snuggling with your girl! And, I'm psyched to see the sporting of the fuschia and orange. Glad I made the blanket so big so that both mother and daughter could enjoy!

jan said...

that is such a beautiful photo