Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A quick down and back

Last night Abby and I went home to Connecticut for the night to visit the garden (which is growing in spite of our neglect and with sdome of Heather's TLC), mow the lawn (which had gone to seed already), and go to a friend's going away party.

It was odd going down there and we knew that no matter how low-key we were that the going away party would become a welcome home party of sorts for us since we hadn't seen most of the aquarium folks in a long time except for the few of the hardy folks who made the trip to New Haven or Boston.

It also reminded me of how many people read this blog and made me realize that I have been slacking in my postings from inside the loop.

The first time that you get cheers as we enter a room is odd if it has never happened to you, but it was great to see everyone and see the creative onesies that they fabricated for Gut-Girl. I will post photos of these after they get laundered and go into her rotation of handmade clothes.

We ran back at 6 AM today for a fix of Ellie time and met with Ellie's doctors who gave us an update on her situation (no change) and where we are going in the coming weeks-which is looking like another surgery to open up her tight intestines.

How we do this is up in the air and we are still mulling the options but have come to think that the new STEP procedure is not the best for her at this point. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

This last Veronica Lake photo is my new favorite - and my new desktop! It captures her diva-esqe attitude. I had the best snuggle yet yesterday for a couple of hours, and then had to rush off to the airport, but I didn't want to leave. Then the super-nice pregnant nurse came in and wanted to spend some quality time with Ellie, so I headed out. She has more personality each time I see her, and I could sit there with her forever. Anytime - really.

Aunt Beth

Becky said...

my GOODNESS you guys ... she is GORGEOUS!! Gib, seriously ... you're gonna have to watch out for her!!