Friday, May 05, 2006

A bit of sunshine in my month of fun and games

Today it is sunny and 80 degrees in Boston. A great day for, well, um, taking your daughter to the bowels of the hospital to radiology while they put some radioactive liquid into her belly and watch it go down the tube. Just your normal Friday afternoon stuff.

Great, now Gut Girl is also Barium Baby!!

Hopefully the series of x-rays (the pros call them pictures, or radiographs, by the way) will show that the liquid is moving through her stomach, through the small portion of her small intestine (which is actually quite wide now), through the anastomosis ( the fancy word for the repaired spot in her gut and into her large intestine. This will show whether there is a blockage in the pipes and may tell us why her feeding isn't progressing like it should.

The bright side is that this evening, Abby, her nephew Alex, her niece Claire, and I will be walking up Brookline Avenue to visit mecca for a period of homage to the baseball gods as my Boston Red Sox and Ace pitcher Curt Schilling take on the Baltimore Orioles!!! Sunny and warm for an evening of baseball. Who said this hospital thing was all bad?? Heckuva way to get to a ballgame, though.

Abby's sisters (Karen is in town from Ohio to visit the baby) will be coming in tonight to watch Ellie while we go and I will be on the pullout in the hospital tonight. No cold beers for this kid, I guess.

But I get to sit in the grand stand and watch a ball game.


Adam Hurtubise said...

Let's see, Gilbert:

Schilling on the mound.

Millar returns.

And you can walk to the game?

Mecca indeed.

Have fun. You guys have earned it.


jack said...

Your writing keeps us up and in on things. Almost like we are there with you every minute, or at least every important minute.

Ellie is much better looking than Schilling.

Last night's game cheered me up. Clement was great. he tired, but he was super for about 110 pitches. The next icon at Fenway will be Kevin Youkalis, Gib. He has gotten big hits thus far, although I think the second time through the league more teams will pitch him up and in.

Enjoy the game. I'll be watching for you as one of those waving people behind home plate talking into their cell phones.

Martha Brogan said...

Enjoy the game-Ellie looks absolutely content, under Anne's Red Sox blanket,
The second batch of TEAM ELLIE bracelets should be here on Monday. Who wants one?