Monday, May 01, 2006

Progress Report Coming

Ellie had a slow weekend. She had tiny bits of milk on Saturday, but was sick that night and they stopped the feeding. By this morning, there was still some milk in her belly, which means that it is not moving through her system as it should. A nice poop yesterday was encouraging the something is moving through, but not quite as much as we'd all like.

We will be discussing this at some point this morning with Dr. Jacsik, Ellie's surgeon here at Children's who is coordinating her care. She has gotten some medication to help her bowels start working correctly, but still vomited this morning.

Unfortunately it happened just after the very nice nursing students had finished getting her vital signs and playing dress me up Ellie in the prettiest outfit that they could find:

"Oh, isn't she cute!"


Nice timing, kiddo!!

We're not sure what is on the horizon for next steps, but still have ultimate confidence in the way that Ellie is being treated.



jack said...

We're following every up and down, but all the while I'm comforted by what I hear. Ellie couldn't be in a better place. An R.N. in Brunswick told me today "Children's Hospital"is the best in the world." I'll take that. Say it to myself five times an hour.

I guess you heard this already, but I thought it might give you a laugh. Mirabelli was overnighted his uniform, put it on in the cab on the way to the airport and arrived with a state police escort. It's the third inning and no passed balls. He's also thrown out a runner. You should see the signs at Fenway.

Nut cases like me I guess.

See you both Wednesday.

Barbara Krause said...

I'm a posting or two behind, but I'll catch up with Martha for an Ellie bracelet. I'm a "winter" so pink is a good color for me. (Did I get that right?)

Anyway, my neighbors had a little farewell get together for me last Saturday. They are all Yankee fans, but I like them anyway. Funny how they all turned into Johnny Damon worshippers so quickly. Gotta go check the score.

Hope you got to enjoy more sunshine today. You've been through hell and still, the Mom and daughter pics are beautiful. Gib, you're kinda cute yourself.

Love, Barbara

Betsy said...

I'm so glad you three were able to enjoy some sunshine this weekend! The pictures are wonderful! I need to talk to Martha about getting pink bracelets for the Hollis Branch of Team Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Abby! Give the princess a kiss for me.

Aunt Beth

Emily Phillips said...

Abby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope you are able to relax on your special day. Love, the phillips family