Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Nice Day for a Walk

We finally got our act together today and took Ellie for a walk. Since all of ther machines run on batteries we unplugged and put her in a stroller to go and explore the hospital and show her some sunshine.
Our first stop was the elevator. quite and elaborate rig to go for a walk.

Then it was off to the great gardens in the middle of the hospital for some action photos of Mom and baby in the garden:


Jess said...

You two look so great out in the sunshine--I'm glad it was a beautiful day for you!

Emily Phillips said...

Those are wonderful photographs. Abby you look great! Ellie is so lucky to have you and Gib for parents. Also I wanted to tell you that I like Ellie's pink hat in the photographs. She sure looks like such a beautiful baby.

ted morton said...

Terrific photos. I'm glad Ellie was able to get outside to enjoy the warm sunshine. All the best

heather said...

awesome pics! wonderful background for the two lovely ladies.