Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We had the uncomfortable conversation this afternoon with Ellie's surgeon, Dr. Superwoman, about possibly transferring her to Boston Children's. We related that Boston would be much easier for us than New Haven because we have family and friends in the area but wnated to make sure that any step would be at least a sidestep and possibly and step forward for Ellie. She told us that she is certain that Boston Children's will be a good choice for Ellie and considering the legnthy time that she may be in the hospital, we need to do what is best for all of us, including ourselves.

She told us that the way that Children's manages their patients may be different that the way she manages Ellie as her primary physician which is very personal and gives us a go-to person for information. We told her that we are very happy with her and Yale and will judge our conversation with Children's very carefully.

As Dr. Superwoman goes away for 10 days, I am glad that we told her. It would horrible for her to come back and find that Ellie was gone. She is as personally attached as any doctor that I have met, and we will miss her if Ellie moves to Boston.

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