Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Changing Beds

Part of the move to Boston is moving Eleanor from the NICU with 18 kids in one room into a semi private room with 2 kids in one room. This is great for us because there is no longer limited access to Ellie and we can sit and just be with her without having to visit her. A fine shade of gray, but being able to eat dinner, talk on the phone and watch the Red Sox with her last night was great.

The downside of the semi private room is that without us in the room wih her it appears very lonlely and Abby and I were reluctant to leave her last night since the room was so lonely. Ellie doesn't seem to care one way or the other, but there was jjst no way that we were going to leave her last night. Since Abby is still on the mend from her C-section (a fact that we seem to forget every day), I sent her home to sleep in a bed at her sister's house and I took the first shift on the pull out.

All in all it wasn't that bad. It wasn't good either, but it wasn't bad. The alarms going off in the middle of the night will take some getting used to but once we get used to the fact that Ellie is doing well enough that she lost her heart and breathing monitor wires last night, we should be able to sleep more soundly.

For now, though, I am realizing why parents in the hosptial always look so haggard. In feel sorta like Merle right now, in fact.

I'm sure we will get comfortable enough to both go home at some point but for now we will alternate nights. Unless, of course, Abby needs to sleep again. Then I will take another one for the team.

At least I get to watch the Sox with my girl. Definitely something to be said for that.


Martha Brogan said...

It's good to have you all "here" in Red Sox country. Boston is home and Children's is the best.

heather said...

boston seems like the best place for everyone all around. i'm glad the transfer went smoothly. tell abby i'll keep an eye on her garden. there's no telling what you'll come home to (gardenwise) when you make your visits back here. i plan on trying my hand at vegetables hahaha. we miss you and can't wait to see your little family back home.

kate said...

So did she lose the heart and breathing monitors permanently, or did she just squirm them off temporarily last night?

Jess said...

Hey, glad to hear the move was successful and that you're feeling good about the decision. I'll be in Boston this weekend and I come bearing gifts (they just keep on rolling in!) so hopefully we'll be able to get together!

Adam Hurtubise said...


Boston Children's is one of the best pediatric hospitals in the world, so you're in the right place.

And I'm also glad you got Ellie away from all those awful Yankee fans.


Gib and Abby Brogan said...

When the valet opened the car door yesterday and asked if he could 'pahk ma cah', I knew we were in the right place.

jack said...

Considering everything, I'm not sure watching the Red Sox last night was beneficial to Ellie's health. I think you should only watch when Schilling or Becket is pitching. Last night's four passed balls is my personal worst baseball experience. Young children must be protected from catchers like Josh Bard.

I'm happy and encouraged about Children's. First because you are closer to us, and second because you are in the best hospital in the world.

The changes that have come since you got there make me think Childrens will be pro-active for Ellie.

Keep on.