Friday, April 28, 2006

Stance! Advance! Retreat!

The past few days have reminded me of a drill that my Dad used to use to teach his basketball teams how to play defense. I remember this from being a ten year old kid on the sidelines cutting orange slices, not from my short career as a player.

The drill would go something like this:

My dad would yell 'stance!" and all of the players would get into a defensive position with their kness bent and standing on the balls of their feet. I have been in a defensive position for three weeks now.

Playing defense is no fun and makes you want to barf. I have that feeling most of the time these days as my baseline.

Then he would yell 'advance!' and the whole team would slide left or right as my dad pointed with his arm. The players were at his mercy to follow his lead.

Yup, got that feeling.

Left! Ellie barfs.

Right! She kicks out her IV line.

Left! Take her to radiology for an x-ray.

Then to make things more interesting my dad would yell 'advance!' and make the team slide forward or' retreat!' and have them slide backwards.

Advance! Take her to get a new IV catheter put in (the coolest thing that I have witnessed first hand in this whole experience, by the way)

Retreat! Vent the gas from her belly.

Advance! Make sure that the plans that we discuss with the doctors match with the plans the nurses have.

Left! Right! Advance! Retreat!

My thighs are on fire. But for once I am playing some good defense.


jack said...

I'd forgotten that drill.

The thing about you and Abby and Ellie that strikes me is how well you are playing this game without any practice. There are no drills to get you ready for what comes next but Team Ellie is ready, no matter what.

We're sending a player today. Beth will be in Boston. Mom will be there Tuesday and I'll be there Friday.

I was thinking about coming for a night watch on Thursday night so that you and Abby could both go home and go to bed. Let me know if that plan is doable.

Keep buggerin on.

Martha Brogan said...

I'm your Mom and am maybe a little biased but you are an amazing writer- that you can equate this experience with a basketball drill 25 years ago is unbelievable- who'd have thunk that you could remember. You and Abby are doing a super job but Ellie is really a trooper. I smiled all day, thinking about her deciding to be rid of the tube in her heel-she'd had enough and kicked it out-way to go,Ellie- you are afighter.

Becky said...

okay jack's comment made me cry. It's so true though .. you guys are doing an amazing job with all of this. You have a lot of strength and character. I don't really know anyone that could handle this as well as the two of you. Oh, and your mom is right Gib ... you're an outstanding writer. This blog is absolutely fantastic. If you enjoy writing half as much as I enjoy reading this, you may want to consider a career change. I'M SERIOUS!!

It just sounds like Ellie is doing as well as she possibly could and that is SUCH a blessing!!! I love the updates, please give her a huge kiss for me!! Man, I just can't get over how ADORABLE she is!!!


Brian/Karen Monaghan said...

Just wanted to take this first blog opportunity to say "HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY ABBY!!". We're thinking of you especially today and how proud you must be of your adorable daughter!

Brian and Karen Monaghan