Monday, April 17, 2006


We visited Ellie this morning for a short visit before the doctors kicked us out to talk about the other kids in the room. Abby is heading back for the afternoon and I will head over as soon as I do some stuff here. It is a big day becauee my parents are comign in from Maine to visit Ellie for the first time since the Westerly Hospital more than a week ago where my mom got to heold her shortly before the shit hit the fan, or more appropriately, the bile hit my lap.

My dad has been having a tough time with a sick baby, just like the rest of us, but for some reason it seems that this is tougher for him than even Abby and I. For example, he couldn't even read this blog until a few days ago when I had given him some fresh news over the phone to prime the pump. But now he is getting better and likes the pictures. I think that having him see that the NICU isn't a horrible place will help him even more. It will be good to see my folks today.

It seems strange, and we may be shellshocked from immersion, that folks that are a distance from our situation in New Haven are often having a tougher time with this than we are. I think that it is because we see Ellie a couple of times a day and hear her coo, hear her scream with her good set of lungs, and get the contact with herthat we have begun to think that things aren't that bad. Things are tough and it bums us out to think of where we could be right now, but all in all it isn't so bad. I may think differently if Eleanor is still in the hospital a month or six months from now, but for right now it a'in't all bad.

The other thing that makes us feel fortunate is meeting other parents here at the RMH and in the NICU whose children are much sicker that Ellie right now. A bunch of the preemies can''t be touched or held. That would be a tough one to handle. We met a couple who have a baby with spina bifida and had surgery on day one but can't be held for 10 days. It would be much tougher without the cuddle time and I am very thankful that we can spend as much great time with her as we do.

Still waiting to hear the update from this morning's doctor visit. We hope that things are still moving forward and possible out of the NICU. Our toes and fingers are crossed.


Leslie said...

I love that you are spending time trying to make the rest of us feel better! Given that Grant and I soon hope to come home with our own little one, I feel especially connected to what you are going through and how it must feel to deal with the reality vs. the images you had in your mind. While it just kills me to read the blog - I can't stay away from it. I think it is true that it is always harder to see people you love go through pain - than to deal with the pain yourself. Thanks for letting us know you are ok - but I don't think we could expect any less from Gib Brogan. From the progress so far, I think Ellie might have inherited a thing or two from you! (Let's just hope that doesn't include big smelly feet!)

Alicia said...

Chuck and I can't stay away either. We check your blog several times a day and call each other asking if we've seen the most recent pictures. Ellie is a lucky girl to have such wonderful parents!

Martha Brogan said...

I spent time with Ellie this afternoon and she is really beautiful- with the tube out of her nose, she looks terrific, sucking on her Red Sox bink- Gib and Abby look much better than they did a week ago and are very positive and encouraged.

Jennifer Leichter said...

Abby & Gib,
Gus is doing great. Surprisingly he enjoys eating and going on runs and walks. So far the landscaping is unscathed.
Scurry has yet to make friends, but the standoffs are less frequent. She doesn't like him in the room when she is eating. Not that she is doing much of that. Gus is very careful to avoid eating her food only when we are around. Once we step out of the room, the dish is spotless.
It has been a good time for him to come as the kids are on April break. He definitely gets lots of attention.
We went to the game yesterday. Hope you let Eleanor know about Loretta's walk off home run.
The Leichters

rana319 said...

Thanks so much for letting me visit! Ellie is beautiful! Can't wait to see the Brogan family again!