Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moving On Up, Round Two

Today ellie moved into a crib, but we also moved as we had to check out of the hospital this afternoon. Usually leaving the hospital is a good thing and Abby is recovering as well as can be expected.

Somehow leaving the safety of the nurses who knew our names (sort of like Cheers. With Percocet.) and kept great care of Abby seems like someone took away the safety net and we are one step closer to this being our new real life.

But by far the worst part of the afternoon was taking the car seat out of the car and putting it in the trunk and actually driving away from the hospital, without a baby, and leaving our little girl behind us. Even tough we are probably only about 100 feet futther from the NICU as the crow flies, it was very tough for both of us to leave (we returned as fast as we could tonight for an evening session).

You are supposed to leave with your baby, mom exhausted and dad driving as carefully as he ever has. But we weren't and it sucked. Just plain sucked. Abby cried in the back seat, I cried in the front seat and we drove the three blocks to Ronald McDonald House. We must have looked like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag as well rolled into the RMH, as we have learned the pros at the hospital call the Ronald McDonald House. I thing Big Mac Shack is better.

But we have settled, figured out how to get to the hospital 24/7 at the drop of a hat (free shuttle from the Yale cops), where to get a coke (25 cents in the kitchen. Thanks, Cokefor subsidizing my caffeine needs), and found that NESN comes in loud and clear in our humble little room. What else could we ask for to get by?

I will tell you about the RMH tomorrow, but by all indications, it is a great place run by some very dedicated folks.

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missy said...

Hello Gib, Abby & precious baby Eleanor-

My name is Missy and I am a friend of Sandy Henrys. Since Sandy's call on Monday afternoon with the news of Ellie Jane I have not been able to stop thinking of all of you. My heart aches with what you are now facing. The honesty in which you are sharing your experience is so amazing and I hope you will find it cathartic and empowering.

Our family has also had unexpected stays at Yale with two out of three of our children. John, our youngest, spent almost four month in the PICU. Sandy can fill you in on that. I guess I am feeling a strange sense of connection with you eventhough I don't know you because while our experience was completely different - we know what it feels like to receive a life threatening diagnosis. We know what if feels like to wait while your baby is in surgery. We know what it feels like having a crash course in medical jargon, equipment and medicines. We know what it feels like to not really sleep or have a home cooked meal. I could go on and on.
I have felt lead to write to you to try to be a source of encouragement for you. You are in one of THE best hopsitals in the country with THE best doctors and nurses. (I hear we have already shared at least one, I'm not sure if it was Dr. Brueur or Dr. Escelera!) You will find that you will be surrounded by people who want to love and care for you and your family and that will be a tremendous blessing. You will meet people who otherwise would not be a part of your lives and somewhere down the road you won't be able to imagine your lives without them. Your hearts will be open in new ways and you will have a greater sensititvity to other families who are faced with challenges. While this is something that you didn't expect or sign up for, you will find that by sharing your story you will a blessing to others.

I do want you to know that not only am I thinking of all of you, I am BOLDLY praying for you and your girl. So,is our family and our church family. I hope you will sense this outpouring and in someway feel lifted up.

Having myself lived at Yale for four months, sleeping on a cot in John's PICU room, etc. I would love to offer to bring you guys a home cooked meal or just lend an ear if you think I might be able to offer support. (I also picked up a hobby that helped pass the time and made me feel like I was accomplishing something! I would love to pass on to you Abby)

We have developed some very meaningful and special relationships at Yale and when and if Ellie is moved to the PICU there will be many friends waiting to love and care for her and you!

I am a phone call away and if I could help you in any way navigate your stay in New Haven, etc. call me COLLECT at (203-656-2758) I also know the route to Yale all to well and would make a trip up to in a heart beat!

May you find strength to face each new day, hope and comfort in the midst of everything, and joy as you love, hold, kiss and hug Eleanor.

With great empathy,

Missy Fiorita