Saturday, April 15, 2006

Infant and Adult Enrichment Activities

Our afternoon visit started with finding Ellie sitting up in a bouncy seat, wrapped in the blanket her aunt knit for her with a mirror set up in front of her to keep her entertained.

A bouncy seat! More normal newborn stuff like the roomful of stuff we have at home the the nurses continue to tell us that she will use when she comes home with us. Gotta love that attitude.

The nurses have been great about doing this kind of stuff for her as she gets better and even did some arts and crafts with her feet to make and Easter card for us and even dress up in adress that her great grandmother sent her that makes her look like a tulip:

Eleanor is doing well and there is talk that she may be transferred soon to the long term convalescent floor of the hospital if she continues to show that she doesn't need the care provided by an ICU. We have been truly fortunate that she has progressed this quickly, but are aware that backward steps are coming sooner or later. The doctors continue to remind us that treatment for her condition is a marathon and not a sprint, but hey, there's nothing wrong with getting a quick start, right?

Speaking of home, we are planning to go home tonight for the first time in a week to visit Gus the dog, pay some bills, file our taxes and maybe sleep in our bed for the night before coming back in the morning. It seems like months since we have been home and wonder what flowers will have come out while we have been away.

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rana319 said...

Now that's entertainment! Ellie and Gus Gus are both adorable! Go Sox!