Friday, April 14, 2006

The New Digs

We spent the morning settling into the RMH (Ronald McDonald House). after a very long day yesterday, we resisted the urge to go and see Ellie during the pre 8 AM time and slept a bit to recharge out batteries. Abby settled, I found the grocery store, and we made camp in our humble little room, which the staff has not stopped aplogizing for since we got here, so we must be at the bottom of the barrel.

IT ain't pretty but it does the trick for us, since if we are spending too much time here, we get antsy to see Ellie anyway. After living on the boat in Florida, Abby and I appreciate any place where we can stand up and pass each other without having one of us sit down.

Downstairs there is a great common floor with a huge kitchen that has two of everything, a fridge stocked with common items for general use and fridges and freezers for individual items. There is plenty of coffee (The new Newman's Own McDonald's coffee is as tasty as they say) and bagels and cereal for us each morning that allows us to think about other things than breakfast, which is very nice.

There are sitting rooms that don't see much use and a playroom that see lots of use from the families that are here with us. I am frazzled taking care of us and can't imagine doing this with two or even three little ones in tow like some of the folks that I met this AM. Talk about strong.

we are off to see Ellie in a minute. She was pretty fussy when we were there last night. Behaving like a 5 day old baby should, I guess.


Sophie said...

Thank you Gib for keeping this so current. I feel like I am in the loop without harrassing you about everything that is going on. I am constantly thinking of all of you and hope I can get to see you soon!!! Let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do!!! Clark Kent sends his best too!! I'll call Abby's cell over the weekend. XOXOXO

Barbara Krause said...

Dear Gib, Abby, and Ellie,

It's hard to know which of the posts to respond to first. Mostly, I'm grateful for all the wonderful people you have in your lives who are sharing this situation with you. There is a spirituality piece that I've been feeling in my own life - not a religious piece, but something like connectedness. Folk singer Lucy Koplansky sings about a Chinese proverb - "the red thread" - that binds us together. I think you have a lot of strands of red thread sending love your way. Go Ellie! Love, Barbara