Saturday, April 15, 2006

Waiting Rooms

Fortunately Abby and I have had to spend hardly any time in waiting rooms during Ellie's care.

On Sunday, as we waited for Abby to be transferred to Yale, my mother, brother, and I had to spend some hours in the waiting room at Yale. If you have the chance, find another place to wait.

The policy in the NICU is that only one visitor is allowed at a time and must be accompanied by a parent during the visit. This leads to shuttling of visitors in to see the baby and a bunch of folks waiting, a lot. Since some of the kids are in the NICU for a long time, the visitors have been in this room a lot and are not shy about getting comfortable. Very comfortable.

At one time last Sunday in a room that is 10 by 20 feet there were:

3 people on cell phones, speaking three different languages,
3 crying babies and their families,
1 woman eating an enourmous portion of Chinese food while talking on a cell phone. In a small room we all could taste the fried rice and probably could have survived on the food falling from her mouth as she spoke, and
One drunk guy who decided that he needs to hear the final round of the Masters over the room full of people and maxxed out the volume. I am still wondering what is there to hear in golf?

Fortunately Abby was admitted soon after the volume went up and we got out. If you are in a hospital for a long while, look for alternate waitng rooms. They are there and worth your time to find them.


Martha Brogan said...

That waiting room almost put me over the edge. It was 6 days ago and it sems lie 6 months. We've come a long way,baby!

Martha Brogan said...

That waiting room almost put me over the edge. It was 6 days ago and it sems like 6 months. We've come a long way,baby!

jack said...

Your comment about the boat reminded me of your story about the rat you shared the place with. Ronald's house sounds much better.

Speaking of much better, Ellie seems to me to be a fighter. Good for her and for you.

Speaking as a life long pooper myself, I couldn't imagine going this long. How would I ever get anything read.

The Red Sox are down 3-0 in the 9th, band Wakefield is still pitching.

Of all the people in the world he can't get out, Crazy Carl, who iin now freaking out the citizens of Seatlle is the one. He is like 9 for 17 lifetime against that butterfly. Everybody else is waving at it.

We're coming on Monday i guess. Looking forward to seeing you both.

jack said...

I didn't mean looking toward to seeing you both. it'll be good to see you too,Gib!

Anonymous said...

Obviously the NICU nurses understand that Ellie is the Princess and are treating her accordingly. As it should be.

Barbara Krause said...

Such awesome news! And this blog provides Red Sox updates to boot. (You know, out here in upstate NY, we rarely get a Sox broadcast.)

Keep on keepin' on. Hugs all around.

Laura said...

Gib & Abby - I'm "Aunt Kate's" friend Laura in Portland. (I think I'm officially known as "Kilmartin" in most circles...) Kate shared your blog address and after reading it I had to tell you how gorgeous your daughter is and how brave you are for sharing your experiences. I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this difficult time, but want you to know that the list of people who are wishing you good thoughts is very, very long. Take care! -Laura