Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It is still odd for me to be the recipient of a charity.

We are supposed to be the ones who are donating and volunteering for charities, not on the recieving end of this, but in a quick turn, here we are, with the very well dressed Branford Women's Club coming in on Wednesday nights to cook dinner for us. We were late for dinner but it was still odd to have these folks who look like our neighbors coming in and cooking us dinner. I know that we are in a tough situation but it still feels strange.

I have compensated for this wierd feeling by asking to buy extra food or other stuff when I go to the grocery store and buying extra ice cream for the little kids who are around here. Ice cream fixes a lot of things and I think that it should be there whenever the kids who are living here want it. Hoodsie Cups for all!! $5.00 for a couple dozen ice creams is $$ well spent as far as I am concerned.

It is also wierd to be here as yuppies with polo shirts and a digital camera living in a charity house.

A strange dynamic to be sure, but I guess that we are the same as everyone else in the place in the only way that matters: our baby is down the block and home is a long way away.


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