Friday, April 28, 2006

Another early morning of fun

I finally got out of here last night at midnight. Abby was feeling the effects of the mommy leash that keeps her within arms reach of Eleanor and one of us needed to sleep so I headed to bed for a few hours.

Ellie must miss her dad at night because as soon a I left Abby tells me that she began to get fussy and either barfed or was screaming every two hours from 12 to 6 this morning. Another tough night for Abby. ellie is tough to burp and at 3 AM her belly was so full of gas that they opened her G-tube to vent her belly, an added benefit of Ellie's extra plumbing is that there is access to her stomach any time you want it. Curious what is in her belly? grab a syringe and pull it all out, check it out and put it back in. No kidding.

But it was a second very long night for Abby.

to top it off when I arried this morning at 7 Ellie was wide awake and fussy again. I picked her up and burped her and as I put her back down, I noticed that she only had one tube coming from her feet instead of two.

Oh crap! Where the second line should have been there was a bandage with spot of blood.

Ellie had managed to kick her IV line from her foot and cut it off. This is her PICC line that supplies her food through a tube that runs up her leg into her chest. It was put there by the surgeons at Yale and would need surgery if they couldn't fix it.

Abby gets anxious with vomit around Ellie. I discovered this morning that blood does it for me.

We called in the cavalry and they were there in force more quickly that I had seen before, and knew just what to do and who to call.

Within half an hour the IV team was on the scene and took Ellie to the clean room to fix her plumbing and twenty minutes later Ellie was right back in her crib, sound asleep.

Ah the excitement of a baby on TPN. Never a dull moment


The Waz said...

Looking like a tight operation there Gib. I dig the blogs, please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

The Harvard IVs are better than those Yalie IVs anyway. I knew she was a Harvard girl.
See you all in the morning.