Thursday, April 13, 2006

Moving on up

Today is moving day and not just for Abby and I who will move down the block to the very fancy looking Ronald McDonald House, but also for Ellie who we helped move from her very scary looking isolet to a much more cozy and normal looking crib. A small step for her but a big boost to our morale to see our baby out of 'the bubble'. we can even talk to her without using the portholes!! My connection is lousy right now but I will add photos of our new digs later.


juliab said...

Dearest Abby and Gib,
First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby girl Eleanor!!! We are so happy for you. I know Phil has called, and I've been up on the news, but I'm sending my own hugs of love and courage as the French say.
I've read your blog, my first blog ever, and I cried. Not out of sadness, but out of sheer emotion of the enormity of first having your first baby, and then the trials and difficulties you are dealing with everyday. But most of all tears of awe at your reslilience and admiration for the support world around you. Sometimes we discover essences of life in difficult times, but they are an eternal gift of humanity and charity and opening the heart.
I don't know how to help or congratulate now. I'm sure you don't want flowers or food. Anyway, you have McD 24 hours. So we will lay low and be thinking of you three, that tough little tiger Eleanor, bless her heart.
May every day get better for all of you.
With love,

Martha Brogan said...

That's the best news that we've had in days-Ellie is in a real crib with her Red Sox bink and you and Abby are headed for Ronald-It has been a good day! get some rest-

Amanda said...

That's great news!

I must admit that I didn't fully grasp what it would mean for Ellie to have "short gut" until I visited you guys the other day, and until I got to see her. (Thank you for taking us Gib!) When standing there looking at that beautiful baby anything that I could think to say, sounded insignificant and just plain stupid. And your right, I cried when first reading this...but I also laughed (at the sox post).

It is very apparent that she inherited both your strong wills. Continue to stay strong, keep your humor, and stay positive!