Thursday, April 27, 2006

Visit from Gramma

My grandmother and uncle David visited us in the hospital today from New Hampshire. It was good to see them and show off Ellie to my grandmother. It was even better to let my grandmother hold her and see that she is a very happy little girl, something that gets lost in the translation of her condition. A dose of gramma should be part of every treatment program.

Generally she is very happy and comfortable like any other baby would be. In some ways she is happier since she doesn't get hungry because her gut hasn't gotten on line yet.

It is interesting to Abby and I what emphasis children's hospital puts on having Eleanor be a baby first and then letting the doctors and nurses fix what is broken in the meantime.

I think that the distiction fits well with what my sister told me early on: she is not a sick little girl, she is a little girl who is sick. A fine shade of gray to be sure, but it summarizes a difference in the way that Children's seems to go about her long term care.

They also frequently mention how things will be when she goes home, which is great to hear.


Martha Brogan said...

What a surprise to check on Ellie and to see my mother holding my granddauughter! I'm sure that Mom was relieved to see how wonderful Ellie looks. I think that she'll have lots of company this week-end- Boston is much closer to Maine than New Haven. Does Ellie know that her mother has a birthday next week?

barbara krause said...

What a beautiful picture of Ellie with her Great Gramma. Whose delicate little nose does Ellie have?

I do have one request: could we perhaps refer to the poops/Number 2/grunts as something other than "dookies"?? Any of those other phrases works well for me!

Unless I hear from Martha that you are not up for visitors tomorrow (Friday), I will see you sometime in the afternoon. Can't wait to see you all.

Duke '81 (Honestly, as long as she continues to poop, you can go ahead and call the deposits anything you'd like!)

heather said...

what a wonderful thing your sister said "she's not a sick little girl, but a little girl who is sick". very true, and i love how children's is treating you and ellie so far. it sounds wonderful!heather