Monday, April 17, 2006

#7 with a bullet!

A couple of folks have asked me for diagrams of the gastrointestinal tract and where Ellie has tubes and wires. So I just went to google and typed in infant short gut to see what diagrams I could find. well what did I find at #7 on page one? My blog!

Which made me think: do I have a responsibility to make this something more than what it is or can I just do what I'm doing? Since I have only the expertise that I have absorbed from Ellie's doctors I think that I will keep on going as is. The doctor told us after Ellie's surgery that we will eventually become experts on this and I will share what I know but for now it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? Can you "just" keep doing what you're doing?

What you're doing is amazing. Ellie looks perkier with every picture you post. She can tell how much you (and the rest of us) love her. I think you're both doing a spectacular job with our girl.

kbucknam said...

Congratualtions on your new arrival. I have been following your journal since the arrival of Ellie. She sounds like a fighter and I will have nothing but good thoughts for all three of you every day. I will continue to follow you(courtesy of Auntie Beth giving me the blog)and watch your precious angel grow stonger every day. You both are truly blessed.

Becky said...

i did the google search too, but miss typed and wrote, "short guy" .. got a few "interesting" results. ha ha.

ANYWAYS .. fun to see your BEAUTIFUL BABY tubeless! She's amazing you guys .. in every way.

in this with you ..

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

This blog is such a wonderful thing. Not only does it keep us all updated and stops us from worrying about what's the latest, but her story also seems to inspire many people... at least it does me. She is an amazing baby!

Glad to hear that all three of you are doing so well. Hard to believe that Ellie has come this far in one "short" week. I also have nothing but positive thoughts for you all every day.