Sunday, April 23, 2006

Awake Time on Sunday

We are hitting Ellie's awake time more and more these days and it is great to see her up and at em and exploring with her eyes (as much as 14 day old babies can, anyway).

She is happy and is enjoying songs and poems from Shel Silverstein, which surprisingly wake her up and make her look around.

A little it of barf this AM but the surgeons weren't concerned by it. Babies barf, I guess.

Getting better at diaper time but still miss every now and then as Ellie pees all over everything. Ah, babies.... Posted by Picasa

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Ben April said...

The thing to remember is that a diaper is not an event, it is an ongoing process. The goal is to find the perfect time to move in for the change. Too early and you get to clean the table, too late and you're changing outfits. In this case it sounds like a good problem to have.

Keep up the good work Ellie!