Sunday, April 16, 2006

Look Ma, no tubes!!

Our afternoon visit today was highlighted by the doctors removing Eleanor's naso-gastric tube, the tube that was suctioned a few times a day to get excess or the wrong fluid from her stomach:

The only fluid coming out of her belly now is through her g-tube, the more permanent tube that was installed in her belly during the surgery a week ago...

Paring down the tubes is a good thing, and a nice side effect is that the newest batch of pictures won't have the green tube in her nose. For Ellie, this means that she can breathe out of both nostrils and doesn't have a tube pulling on her face. She is very happy to be free os these, it seems:

What a week it has been. Thinking about our lives a week ago makes me nauseous and thinking back to a week to a week and day ago before Ellie arrived, makes me a little bit sad. But we have hit our stride here and are settling in for the long haul.

We heard from the doctors at Children's Hospital in Boston today. Yes, on Easter afternoon one of the heads of the SBS Program contacted me and told me that they are most concerned about getting Eleanor stable and through the recovery after her surgery but will be happy to talk to us and meet with us to discuss her treatment. It was amazing to me that he called me this afternoon from his vacation, but Abby pointed out that he must realize the state of parents of a newborn in our situation and doesn't want us to be out there waiting too long. Some people out there just amaze me in the way that they look out for others.

we will talk to Children's later this week and set up a time to meet.


Martha Brogan said...

I bet that Gramma Evans sees Evans when she looks at Ellie but Gramma Brogan sees Brogan. She is absolutely beautiful. See you tomorrow!

jack said...

After you last post your mother said, "Oh, my God, Ellie is a Brogan." Then the digging started. Dust everywhere as she is pouring through your pictures as a kid. It's funny. With four kids, we had about 10,000 pictures of Beth, 2500 pictures of John, 225 pictures of Kate, and we can't find many of you, Dude. That's the way it is for the 4th kid. Hardly any pictures and hand me down pacifiers.

I'm looking forward to seeing you and Abby and Ellie tomorrow. I can't believe the trip to New Haven will take all day. If we flew it would take two days.


Sophie said...

Ellie is C-U-T-E!!!! What a face. Loves it.