Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A good day for us today

Today was a good day for Abby, Eleanor and I.

First off, the ventilator tube was removed from Ellie's mouth which ket us get a good look at her face and even hear her make noises for the first time because the ventilator blocked her vocal cords.

second, when Abby and went for a our noon visit to the ICU, the nurse asked Abby if she would like to hold the baby. Hallelujah! Good timing, Joyce! If ever there was a mother in need of some quality time with her baby it was Abby, this morning, in that ICU. The great nurse unhooked the cords and tubes that are still connected to Ellie and wrapped her up in a nice soft blanket. for a minute there we could forget the problems that she had and we just enjoyed a cooing little baby girl for about an hour.


Becky said...

Abby - you look AMAZING!!! AND OH MY GOSH Ellie is GORGEOUS!!!!! She's seriously one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen (I think I have to write "one of" because I have Paige .. hee hee) Way to go you guys!!!

Alicia said...

Alright you got me... you made me cry. As if it was going to be hard! Abby you are a great mom!