Saturday, April 15, 2006

Home Sweet (temporary) Home

Abby and I spent a great afternoon with Ellie and the packed up to head back to our house. It was very strange to drive home after a week away that was filled with about a year's worth of activity and to leave our little girl behind, even for a night in the hands of some great nurses at Yale.

Being home is strange, and our dog Gus isn't quite sure what to make of us. I know that dogs don't have human emotions but I swear that he resents us and knows that we are somewhere else caring for somebody else. Still he is the greatest dog ever. I miss him when we are away but know that he will be happy with his foster home in Massachusetts next week with his new best friend Nicky, another black lab.

It is nice to be here again. I would be nicer to be here with Ellie, but we hope that will come soon. Our yard has popped for spring and there are flowers and plants everywhere. apparently the weather outside has been nice this last week? My weather was a climate controlled and being out under stars was great tonight. I never knew how great our house was until we couldn't be here.

It has been a very busy night for me. I filed taxes. Damn Turbo Tax got me for an extra $30 to efile and another $30 to get my tiny refund direct deposited after I had spent $50 on the program. Bastards. Better than H&R Block though. Never heard of anyone having luck with them. I guess that you get what you pay for when a temp does your taxes.

I paid every bill in the stack and had a burger with Abby and her mother for her mother's birthday. I even had a Heineken, but felt wierd about it because part of me thought that I should be in New Haven with Ellie.

I sat down to play with itunes. The nurses in room 5 keep a small radio/CD player going during the day and I sing along as best I can to the assortment of music that comes along. I swear if you squint, I sound just like every singer on the radio. Ellie agrees. I burned a couple of CD's to take with us tomorrow and take control of Ellie's musical education. The quiet CSN, Grateful Dead, Skynryd, and some other stuff.

Now I am exhausted. Gus gets to sleep in the valley between us tonight. Nothing like sharing a bed with your dog.

Except, I imagine, taking a nap with your baby daughter on the couch in the afternoon.

One of these days.


Martha Brogan said...

Did Pete Seeger make it onto Ellie's music education? Johnny Cash or Willie?

The Waz said...

Dude... put some Rusted Root or Dave Matthews in the selection. Run it through junk speakers and then leave it on repeat for entire weekends so she gets a feel for poppa's time on Big Pine!!

Sophie said...

No Stones?? I am hurt. She is so adroit with her hands I for sure imagined her with a lighter listening to "Wild Horses" in her bouncy chair.