Thursday, April 13, 2006

A whole lot of information

One of the amazing things that has happened in the last few days has been the number of people who either know or are related to or have used pediatric gastroenterologists or pediatric surgeons. For example, Abby's stepmother told us that he uncle just happens to be the Micheal Jordan of pediatric surgery and literally wrote the book on the subject. And that is just one of the connections that has been made for us.

Right now we are still very much overwhelmed by the issue and have successfully managed to avoid Googlemania which could consume hours of our time reading information that is at best questionable and could be distracting from the information that our great surgeon is giving us. Even worse, it could give us outdated information about Eleanor's condition (disease/defect/syndrome?) which is overly grim when the info comes from just a few years ago when her situation would have had a much different outlook.

We will most likely talk to other doctors in the near future to get second and third opinions but for now we are letting things stabilize and letting Ellie spend as much time with her Mom and me as possible.


Emily Phillips said...

Thanks Gib for taking the time to update your blog, we really appreciate it. You guys are great and Ellie looks like such a sweet little girl. It is really nice to see photographs of her too (and of you and Abby also). Hope you guys are able to get some rest. Emily

jan said...

I just got the link to your blog today. Your daughtor is absolutly beautiful. It's hard to believe that we were all that tiny at one point! Aside from Ellie's unfortunate news, you and Abby must be so proud and thrilled to finally have your first child alive in this world!

Yale New Haven is a really good hospital (I was born there!) so you guys are in good hands.

Also, Ronald McDonald house is an incredible place, with an inspiring support network -- I volunteered there throughout college (the one in Charleston). It makes you realize the power of people, and it will be good for you guys to be around parents with similar situations. The three of you will get through this.

Keep your heads up, stay strong, and I wish the three of you the best of luck. Can't wait to see more pictures! :)

Jan :)

Emily Phillips said...

I forgot to say that your little angel is such a beautiful baby, she looks so wonderful.

love, Emily