Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dad and his little girl

We all had a good day today. Abby and I visited Eleanor a few times and after lunch Eleanor and I had a good round of quality time, sitting in a comfortable chair for a little over two hours. She is alert and happy when I hold her and likes to coo when she is happy. As we sit together it is easy to get lulled into a sense of security in her stability. I know that this is foolish and that some setbacks are coming our way but it is happening nevertheless.

We met with our doctor while we were in the NICU as well. She is a wizard and we Abby and I both think the world of her. She didn't flinch yesterday when we asked the question of whether Yale is the best place for Eleanor, and even encouraged us to explore other options for her care, assuring us that Yale is oing everything that other centers are doing.

This is a bridge that we will cross later.


Martha Brogan said...

Dad and I have good moments when we are lulled into thoughts that everything is great and then it hits us and we dissolve. Your blogs and the pictures are wonderful and reassuring- and will have to do-'til we see Ellie again. She's beautiful and a trooper. We love you all.

Anonymous said...

I think Daddy is holding his princess in a Great-Gramma Bucknam blanket... it doesn't get much better than that. Ellie can use the blog to write her bestselling bio. The pictures are spectacular. She's awesome. I love you guys.

Aunt Beth