Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A new tool for a wide range of folks

Welcome to my new blog that I have created, now that Ii have something write about, my new daughter, Eleanor Jane Brogan, who was born just under 72 hours ago but has seen more than I have seen in my 32 years. You see , Eleanor was born without a significant portion of her intestine (hence the name of the blog after the medical condition which she is dealing with). It looks as though she will be facing many weeks, months or years or treatment for this and as my wife and I accompany her through this, I wanted to use the power of the blog (something that I never understood until yesterday why people use them) to share information and pictures with family, friends and other folks who may find their way to my bit the world. I am finding that as we navigate our way through this, I am also feeling at different times frustrated, sad, happy, loved, loving, angry, jealous and afraid. I am going to do my best to not hold any of this back as I experience it and share some of the ups and owns of the rollercoaster ride with whomever sees fit to spend the time to read this. I am doing this first and foremost for me as an actual diary but feel fine with others reading this, including my grandmother, mother and wife. So here goes nothing.


heather said...

You're very brave, Gib, to do this. And you have a very beautiful wife and daughter!
hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

I think Daddy is holding his princess in a Great-Gramma Bucknam blanket... it doesn't get much better than that. Ellie can use the blog to write her bestselling bio. The pictures are spectacular. She's awesome. I love you guys.

Aunt Beth

Brent said...

Dear Eleanor,
You are a very beautiful little girl. You've created a bit of trouble here with your arrival, but I've known your dad for as long as I can remember knowing anyone outside of my own family and he and your mom are so strong, that I have a good feeling that you're are going to be jsut fine. Your dad is the best of people I've known and how could anything not go well for him?

Now, having known your dad for as long as I have, I have some stories to tell you at some point. I can't wait to share them with you, even if they do involve jagermeister and how your dad kept me from taking off my clothes in the middle of the street in Boston one time.

As far as I'm concerned, all signs are good for you right now. Schilling is 3-0, this guy Papelbaun(however the heck you spell it), and the kicker of them all is that your old man turns 33 this year, and we all know the importance of that number.

Get better little girl.

Love, "Uncle" Brent

Martha Brogan said...

I'm not sure if the blog rules allow for one blogger to talk with another blogger,

Dear Brent,
I had held it together all day. Ellie is a trooper and doing so well. Gib and Abby are tough. i hadn't shed a tear all day and then I read your blog and remembered you ad Kurt and Gib as little boys and I lost it. Gib and Abby have good friends who are showing tremendous support and love. Thank you

Martha Brogan said...