Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No Rush, no hurry

We sat down and spoke with Dr. Jacsik, Eleanor's surgeon, last night around dinner time. I'm still not sure when these people sleep or see their own families, but I am quite happy that they spend so much time with my family.

Dr. Jacsik told us that since Ellie's GI study (where they put parium dye into her belly and follow it through her gut with radiographs) showed that her intestines are in fact open and that the dye did move through her gut, taking a leisurely 6 hours to do it. It should have only taken 2 hours to go through, but anything is good right now.

This has taken the pressure off for surgery at the 6 week mark and could give Ellie and us more time to see how her guts will recover and what kind of talents they will get on their own. If her GI were blocked, we would have been looking at surgery sooner than later but this is a relief to abby and I who are anxious about hurrying into anything.

In the meantime, we keep hanging out, injecting her with fish oil, and watching her be a baby. Not bad duty.

She was a bit uncomfortable last night since the site where her G-tube goes into her belly has gotten a bit red and inflamed. A bit of tylenol makes everything better, and she slept for most of the night, which was nice. They are watching it very carefully and she may get some antibiotics to be safe. One of the nurses was surprised tat she wasn't on them anyway.

I hate the bumper stickers that say 'So glad I voted for Bush', but I would like one that says 'So glad my baby is at Boston Children's.'


Martha Brogan said...

Your nephews' answer to most questions is "Pretty good" and that's my response. "Pretty good" I'm relieved that Ellie's surgery doesn't have to happen in the near future- I'm betting on the fish oil.
Last night your grandmother and I were talking about how,as a little kid, you used to do things in your own time, when you were ready and not on anyone else's schedule. This morning it occured to me that Ellie is her father's daughter- she'll do things in her own time- Go,Ellie.

alison said...

gib and abby- sophie told me about ellie and i have been following your blog. i just wanted you to know that i am thinking about you and sending you good thoughts. when you become a parent you eventually always figure out that normal has no real meaning anymore.you guys sure did find that out quickly! ellie is BEAUTIFUL and so lucky to have you. all my best, alison carter norris

Mindy Tarquini said...

I'm still not sure when these people sleep or see their own families,

Speaking with authority from the other side... whenever they get a chance!

Glad to hear it's going well and you aren't being rushed into anything. I'm very interested in the fish oil. What a wonderful hope for TPN therapy!

Beverly Gallagher said...

I feel like I should say we don't know each other, but I feel like I've come to know you, Abby, and Eleanor very well. I am Leslie Craig's mother (anxiously awaiting my first grandchild!!) The blog has allowed me to keep up on Ellie. This new technology is great! It has enabled me to: (1) See you beautiful daugher (in fact your beautiful family) (2) Shed a few tears, and also rejoice in my heart depending on what's happening (3) Pray very specifically for your needs and Praise Him as I see evidence os His working.

Thanks for sharing your heart.