Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Some new takes on Ellie's treatment

The big news today is that Ellie started feeds again, but this time, instead of feeding her through her G-tube, Abby suggested that we try feeding her through her mouth. At 9 this morning Ellie got 3 cc's of food ( a cc is about the volume of a quarter), so she got a tiny 75 cent stack, but kept it down well enough to get another 3 cc's at 3 this afternoon and if all goes well (cross those fingers) she will get another in six hours. If her past feedings have been any indications she gets backed up at about 6 cc's and this will give her time to work through the feeding before getting another blast of food.

The doctor is behind this and told us that processing the food through her mouth is preferable to feeding throughthe g-tube since it will stimulate her mouth, stimulate her salivary glands, digest some of the food in her mouth and stimulate her liver, which we always like.

Ellie also met the 'healing touch' nurse today who explained the 'energies surrounding her body' and the ways to use her energies to help her bowels work. The funny thing for me is that the 'healing touch' nurse rarely touched Ellie and just passed her hands above her body.

Who am I to judge, though? I'll take anything to help her bowels and it can't hurt, right?

We did learn some baby massage techniques which we defintely will use.


Amanda said...

Wow, I think it's great that you are willing to try the unconventional methods as well. I think the holistic approach will benifit Ellie a great deal. The conventional and unconventional together create the best outcome, in my opinion. The doctor was probably working with her aura or trying to unblock her chakras, in which case she doesn't need to touch Ellie at all. Sounds weird, but I've heard of several benifits/positive outcomes from that type of work.

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she keeps all her food down.

Anonymous said...

Bob and I went to a holistic health seminar years ago. The speaker said to go to a garden and look at the herbs and medicinal plants, and see which of them "speak to you," because these are the herbs and plants that will heal your particular malady. Bob remembered that she also danced around a pot of boiling water with peppermint leaves in it, so I'm not endorsing this, but then again, fish oil was unconventional for a long time, and look at our girl now!

Alicia said...

Look at her go! Hope she likes it and you can continute feeding her. Go Ellie!

kate said...

Without question, the best picture yet. Possibly the best picture of all time. Go Ellie! Go Mom and Dad! I love you all.

Unknown said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Rock on, baby Ellie!