Saturday, May 20, 2006

Steady as she goes

The last day or so has been uneventful. Ellie continues on her fedding schedule and has had much less blowback from her feedings by botlle than in the pastwith feedings by her G-tube. The quantity is less per hour or per day, but so far she has opnly missed one feeding since going on the bottle. We are going to discuss increasing her feedings on Monday but are leery of going too quickly. Ellie is becoming a better burper these days and that helps her control her voluminous gas which, in turn, helps her keep her belly happy.

As part of her TPN feeding, Ellie now gets detatched from all of her tubes for a full 2 hours each day. This gives her body and liver a rest from the TPN wich is important for her. For Abby and I this gives us two hours each day to go on field trips in the hospital. We have been to the garden, to the cafeteria for dinner, for ice cream, to get a newspaper, to sit in the lobby and watch the people go by and all sorts of other cool places. I brought her fancy new stroller from home and we just pack her up and off we go.

Good Fun.

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jack said...

Funny how many nautical terms you use to describe our girl. I like that.

I happy to hear that you and Ellie are mobile. Getting out and about is a good thing. There are lots of things to see in that hospital.

Our cousin Linda called to tell me she asked a prominent philosopher what it meant when you told a person you'd pray for them. He said, "Why, Linda, it means I love you."