Monday, May 22, 2006

Some bumps in the road

My sister Beth came to visit yesterday afternoon for a while after dropping her boyfriend, Bob, off at the Boston airport. After some quality Ellie time and a nice nap in her lap, it was time for Ellie's 6 PM bottle which Beth gave to Ellie and she woke up just enough to sip the last of it down before falling bcak asleep.

Well, the shit sort of hit the fan after that.

5 minutes after the bottle, Ellie barfed up the tiny bit of milk that went down. Coughed it up is more appropriate since it came up with such a good amount of gas that I forgot to vent from her belly that the milk hit her knees. No problem. My fault for not venting her before the bottle.

This was followed by a 6:45 blood draw (did you know that babies can have blood drawn through the veins in their scalps? Very cool) and a urine sample to screen Ellie for infection and urinary tract infections (not so cool) since her blood work from Sunday showed some number that might indicate an infection underlying her other problems.

We had a fussy night after that and at 9, as I held her, Eleanor sputtered a bit, burped the most vile gas in my face that smelled like a pile of manure left to rot in the sun at low tide, and barfed a load of yellow-green on her blanket. We came as close as we have so far to a widespread barf-o-rama.

Ellie went to sleep at that point and slept through her midnight feeding (I got the midnight milk into her after a struggle) and then slept through her 6 AM feeding until 8 when she got weighed, cracked the 8 pound mark and was otherwise harrassed by the nurses. Sort of scary how much she slept.

Mid morning, she pooped. Apparently poop isn't always great. Sometimes with an infection it can come from somehwere other than food.

So off she went for xrays. Without barium, with barium, you name it, we will have a picture of her gut today.

Apparently her intestine is continuing to dialate, which is bad. Whether food is going down is the big question.

Hopefully things are still moving.

For now, she is a bit dopey, but we are here and when she is with us she is very happy.

So much for going to a barbecue tonight.

Sorry, Jess. Doodie calls.

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Martha Brogan said...

In New Haven, I remember being told that there would be ups and downs with Ellie's progress and I've been rejoicing with the many ups, thinking that our girl would be the exception and that she'd escape the downs. Give her a kiss from the Maine contingent.