Thursday, May 04, 2006

An opportunity for a new business

This past weekend Eleanor's PICC line was moved from her right foot to her right arm. No big deal for the doctors and staff around here until it was time to change her clothes.

We couldn't get her arm with the PICC line through the sleeve without detaching the IV, something gthat needs a nurse and is not encouraged since it opens a sterile area to potential infections (which are BAD in a kid with IV nutrition).

Within a day of this, my mother, my aunt and my grandmother were on the scene and by Sunday we had a line of adaptive clothing on site for Ellie with the seams of each right arm opened and replaced with botons, snaps and ribbons to close around her arm without disconnecting the IV.

In the picture below her right shoulder has two snaps at the seam. Changing clothese couldn't be easier. The nurses who deal with PICC lines all day long say that they have only seen an attempt at this once before and there is a need.

I told my mother that she should start a business modifying clothing for kids with medical special needs. She says no, but if anyone wants to fire up the old singer, we'll take 5% for the idea.


Martha Brogan said...

If anyone wants to start a business adapting baby clothes, there is a need. I'll share all my attempts, many failures. Ellie, you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today! Have a good visit with your Aunt Karen!

kate said...

Seriously, has there ever been a cuter kid?

Frank and Suellen said...

Wow!!! Great picture of Ellie. I would love to give her a smooch on that beautiful face.

I will check with my friends at Ronald McDonald House about baby clothes for Ellie. They might have some ideas.


jack said...

It is a beautiful picture of a beautiful child.

Yesterday was our first at Childrens' Hospital. The feeling you get from all the professionals is
confidence. We watched two guys take Ellie's blood.
I couldn't imagine a more delicate job, finding a vein in a seven pound baby girl, and extracting blood. The guy who actually performed the procedure was a really big fella'. Looked like a professional football player. There he was, doing his job like all the rest of the people we met at Childrens. Professional, caring people who do wonderful work.

The day with Ellie and her parents made Jack and Martha feel great.

The Downeaster people will get to know us by name.

Anne said...

Seeing how I will be permanently unemployes beginning in June, I think I will investigate altering clothes for these babies. Can you give me any ideas of who to talk to about what is needed?
Oh, just want you to know - Ellie started to wake up a few minutes after you left her last night. Her bink had fallen out so I put it back in and rubbed her head a little and she went right back to sleep. What a SWEETIE!!!!
I'll take any info you can give me about the clothes!

Barbara Krause said...

Amazingly beautiful little girl! I'm sorry I didn't get to see you all last week when Ellie was in the midst of being feisty and kicking out her tube. Things are a bit crazy for me right now with my move (of course, all things "crazy" and turned upside down are relevant by comparison to your world) - but I hope to get to Boston in the very near future.

In the meantime, I want you to know that I spent some time with Ellie this morning. Closed my eyes and imagined giving her a cuddle. Didn't even drop her! But if she was fussy for a few minutes, that might be the reason. Feel the love...


P.S. Does anyone wonder now why Gib is a successful lobbyist? He is putting very complicated stuff into plain English and educating all of us! Awesome.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Hello, Gib!

Sounds like a suggestion for the knitters, the cadre lovely volunteers who knit and gift all those cute hats and booties and quilts that you probably see popping up around the NICU, Transitional and step down units. Every children's hospital I know of has them. They try to provide a little bit of home for the babies and their parents.

I'll betcha the ladies would love to consider making easy in and out clothing for the kiddies. Or maybe they can think of a way to mobilize the idea among friends more talented with the sewing needle rather than the knitting needle.

Ellie's looking great. You and Abby hang in there.