Friday, April 14, 2006

And we keep on moving up

We got great news today as we went after lunch to visit Ellie. She has been upgraded!

With this come a change of scenery from room number 4, the Intensive Care Nursery room with the newest cases and the least stable babies, to room number 5, the Transitional Nursery where the babies move before moving down the line into rooms 1 and 2. Yes, the rooms are nonsequentially numbered, but who cares? It is another step down the road. We have many many steps ahead of us that will be baby steps at best, but to have her one step more stable is very comforting.

So we visited her in room five and met her nurses du jour (there are ~150 nurses in the NICU at Yale) who made sure that we each had some quality time with her and then insited that we stay to give her a bath, change her diapers, and wrap her up in freash clothes and a nice warm blanket made be Eleanor's loving aunt. Giddy up.

Then, to be super funny, Eleanor decided to flip her dad the bird so at least she has a sense of humor about the whole thing:

We had a nice visit with Abby sister and Brother in law this afternoon and showed Ellie off to Jennifer, Fred and Alex Leichter, although people under 16 are not allowed in the nursery regardless of how mature they are so Claire had to wait outside. Bummer, but it is in the name of keeping the babies healthy.

Still sucking on the Sox plug like it is going out of style.


Martha Brogan said...

She's a true Brogan, a girl after her grandmother's heart- flip that bird, girl! Great news today to hear that she has moved. Take care of yourselves and try to get some rest. We'll see you all early next week. Love,

kate said...

Hey you guys, she's BEAUTIFUL! Not only is she the toughest kid I know, she's a looker. And that whole giving Dad the finger thing? That's just icing on the cake.

Give her a hug for me, and then give each other a hug for me. I love you all a lot.

Baby steps off the bus, Bob.


Sophie said...

Great news!! Loves it. (I think I have been watching too much simple Life 3). I think Ellie and I will be good friends. XOXO

Betsy said...

Ellie is just beautiful! And...less than a week old and already flipping the finger...I think she's going to be feisty!

Gramma and I love looking at the pictures and hearing about her progress. We're thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstood Ellie's finger gesture -- She'd like a manicure please, Revlon's "Hot Stuff" will do, I think. Don't forget the toes.

My heart grew three sizes today. What wonderful news! Ellie must be feelin' the love.


jan said...

aww that is such great news! and just in time for easter! :) :) :)

Nick Tucker said...

Ab,Gib and Ellie,
Just wanted to say hello.Ellie is a beautiful little girl and she is lucky to have 2 GREAT parents.I'm happy to hear about the baby steps.Happy Easter to the Brogan Family.
Your Bud,

Becky said...


The awesome move, the finger, the most amazing baby I know ... I LOVE IT!!!!!

Congrats guys, on this huge baby step! :)

Okay and Gib, you should be a writer!! Mark and I were talking about how great this blog is, and how GREAT you write! informative, witty and so real. Thank you!

Blessings to you guys ..


rana319 said...

Ah....a daddy's girl after my own heart ;)