Monday, April 17, 2006

An update from Dr. Superwoman

Abby mother and my parents came to NH today for a visit and to see Ellie in her new digs. My mother was reassured by seeing Ellie open her eyes and look around, something that apparently doesn't make it in the photos (damned red eye reducer scares her away I guess) but we see in the video clips that are on my laptop but for some reason can't get onto the blog. Trust me she looks around a lot and charms the nurses and doctors who come to visit her. They then tell her proud papa how cute she is and how great she is doing. So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Then we met with the surgeon who told us how pleased she is with Ellie's progress, with the exception of the much anticipated BM. She told us all sorts of good stuff that made us feel better including that there is a possibility that Ellie's G-tube may not be there forever and that as far as she has read, Ellie's problem is likely not genetic.

Tomorrow or Wednesday she will take Ellie to the radiography department and use the high tech dyes and scans like those that her uncle John worked on at Generous Electric to follow her gut and see what the location of her troops is and why they haven't crossed the border.

Hopefully, if all goes well they may try to give her some of the endless store of breast milk that has been accumulating in the freezer by the end of week. Then we begin the long process of teaching her newly plumbed gut how to be a gut.

It was a positive update and we are still enamoured with Dr. Superwoman.

Must learn patience, young Skywalker. Patience.


Martha Brogan said...

"Troops crossing the border"- because I'm a Brogan with a perverse sense of humor-I understand. There are people out here who must have no idea what you are talking about.

Sophie said...

She likes her kids and doesn't want to leave them at the pool!

Becky said...

GREAT news!!! And Gib, your baby is seriously one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!! (have I said that before?) I'm not supprised that she's charming the nurses! Good work!

k, and since the short gut isn't likely genetic (YAY!) let's hope she inherits the BM genes ... seriously, you two (three) have that goin' for ya, eh?

Supporting the troops,

Shannon said...

just fyi, you can upload video clips for free at

Once they're up, you should be able to just link right to the video.

Good luck! I've been reading right along, and keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!